aksalab designs is a house of fashion and sustainable textiles.

It was formed in 2011 in France by Geoffrey Planque. The company is a reflection of the founders contemporary vision of merging the French « savoir faire » with the aesthetics of Indian craftsmanship.

Sustainability, ethical manufacturing and artisanal craftsmanship is at the heart of the business and its values.

We use only hand woven textiles and hand embroidery in our fashion collections sourced from our master weavers and embroidery artisans in India.

Over the course of a decade of practise and development, the founder, Geoffrey Planque has cemented many collaborations with fashion houses in India. He is a regular visitor to the crafts council of India exhibitions for his sourcing.

Geoffrey Planque, a graduate of ESAAT, lives and works out of Lille, France. His design studio is based at Roubaix and he specialises in embroidery and chintz.

He is also trained in Bharatanatyam proponent with his guru A. Lakshman Swamy in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.